Free Scan Download - RegCure

Free Scan Download - RegCure
Free Scan Download - RegCure  
Free Scan Download - RegCure
Free Scan Download - RegCure
My PC freezes, why?
Registry keys, classes and settings that are corrupted are the number one cause of nearly all Windows error messages.
Free Scan Download - RegCure
Free Scan Download - RegCure
Free Scan Download - RegCure
Free Scan Download - RegCure
Free Scan Download - RegCure
Free Scan Download - RegCure
Free Scan Download - RegCureFree Scan Download - RegCureFree Scan Download - RegCure

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Free Scan Download - RegCure
Free Scan Download - RegCure
Free Scan Download - RegCure
RegCure Registry Cleaner works on Windows 7  

RegCure - the proven Registry Cleaner of choice is proud to announce
that our award winning software is compatible with new Windows 8

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Free Scan Download - RegCure

RegCure Registry Cleaner – Benefits and Features

Backup and Restore
RegCure uses restore points and backup files to set your mind at ease. These two features allow you to backup and restore your Windows Vista, 8 XP, Vista and 7 systems to provide a defense against accidents. For Windows 2000 (SP4), Windows 98 (SE) or Windows ME users, RegCure creates a backup file every time a registry is removed.

Program Shortcuts
RegCure automatically finds and removes incorrect shortcuts, which can cause your applications to launch slowly or not even work. This feature provides improvements in your PC’s performance and less frustration on your part.

Built-In Scheduler
The scheduling feature offered with RegCure is simple to use and allows you to set daily, weekly or monthly times for when you want it to scan your system. Want to set up multiple schedules? RegCure allows you to do this as well.

Invalid Class Keys and Shell Extensions
Class keys and shell extensions are great when they work, but when they’re broken they can cause serious headaches and system slow-downs. RegCure scans for non-working shell extensions and class keys and removes them automatically.

Empty Registry Keys
Registry keys that are empty can cause sluggishness and errors in your system. These empty keys can actually be detrimental to your PC and cause problems that are not only hard to fix, but the repairs necessary can also be incredibly expensive. RegCure searches out empty Registry keys and gets rid of them, quickly and efficiently.
Read more on the Features of RegCure.

Automatic or Manual Repair
RegCure can automatically do everything you need it to in order to keep your PC working properly and running smoothly. However, if you like to have a bit more control over the tasks that are performed, you can set up these processes manually.

Organizing Windows Startup Items
Stop unnecessary applications from starting and slowing down your system. RegCure can manage all of your Startup items and allow you to choose which software you want to launch when you start your computer up. RegCure will also check through your applications and delete any missing programs in the Windows registry’s startup area. If left unchecked, these missing applications can cause many different types of problems.

Shows Scan Progress
RegCure keeps you updated with its progress with its simple user interface. This allows you to see exactly what task RegCure 2011 is performing.

Removes Invalid DLL Entries
“DLL hell.” We’ve all been there at one point or another. If you haven’t, you’ve been fortunate. A dynamic link library section of your registry that has invalid entries can cause catastrophic program failures and leave you wondering what went wrong. RegCure repairs and restores the Windows registry and rescues you from DLL hell.

Easy Customization
RegCure works for you. It can be set to do only the things that you want it to do, scan items that you want scanned or manage your ignore list, which you can set up so that RegCure will not scan for those items.
Got some questions? read the RegCure FAQ.

RegCure Registry Cleaner SOFTPEDIA 100% clean Award  

SOFTPEDIA – Software by ParetoLogic is “100% clean”
ParetoLogic Software
Softpedia, one of the most trusted online resources, has tested ParetoLogic’s Software and and reports that it is free of malware, completely clean and users can install it without any worries whatsoever.

"After several unsuccessful attempts of trying to find the reason why my PC was always freezing up a friend advised I tried RegCure. The free scan revealed over 214 registry errors. A quick fix from RegCure and it's like having a new computer!"

— Franks Dr., Dallas, TX

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