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Free Registry Cleaner Scan from

The Best Registry Cleaner!

Free Registry Cleaner Scan from
Free Registry Cleaner Scan from
RegCure is built for you and performs tasks in a way that is most comfortable to you. If you prefer to clean your Windows registry manually using your own settings you can do that. However, RegCure can also do a thorough scan and clean things up automatically. Using the simple user interface, you can monitor progress each step of the way.

You can also set up a schedule for RegCure to perform registry maintenance and start up program clean up tasks. Whatever you choose, RegCure allows you to do whatever is most comfortable.


Free Registry Cleaner Scan from
Free Registry Cleaner Scan from
Choosing the right product to maintain and optimize your PC can be tough. RegCure makes it easy by being compatible with every major Windows operating system. It also comes with a built-in utility that can create a full back up of your system. This will make your entire set of registry clean up tasks safe and easy.

The Windows registry is a complex system that can be hard to understand. The following information will provide information on the different registry functions and how RegCure optimizes your PC’s speed and performance making it the best.

RegCure Features

Understanding Your Registry
The registry within your Windows operating system is a key component to keeping your computer running smoothly. In fact, if the registry were somehow deleted, Windows wouldn’t be able to run at all. Depending on your version of Windows, the registry is stored within several files and in different locations on your computer.

Free Registry Cleaner Scan from registry creates links between your PC’s hardware, addressing and memory space. It also keeps track of all the settings and information related to the hardware, users, preferences and software on the computer. Any time you make changes to the settings of the Control Panel, system policies, file associations or installed software, these changes are automatically stored in the registry. While you use your PC the operating system refers to this information continuously.

Since RegCure can Effectively and Safely Clean your Registry
Why Risk PC Failure?

It’s easy for the Windows registry to grow in size. As it grows your PC’s speed and performance can take a drastic hit and become increasingly unstable. Some users who are comfortable taking things into their own hands will spend hours manually editing the registry. However, this task can be huge and extremely risky. Leave it to the best and most reliable registry cleaner in the world!

Free Registry Cleaner Scan from

ActiveX object entries or COM entries that are invalid can cause program failures, loss of information and documents and ultimately crash your system. RegCure scans for this and removes these registry entries automatically and gives you peace of mind.

Uninstall Entries
If a program’s installer doesn’t correctly create an uninstaller, the registry gets filled with information that is invalid. RegCure searches your registry for any information that is left behind by uninstall processes that are incorrectly created.

Font Entries
Many times, word processing programs will have missing or corrupted font files. RegCure looks for these inconsistencies and resolves them, which assures that any font files that are currently installed in your registry are valid.

Shared DLLs
Sometimes the Shared DLL section of the Windows registry can have invalid entries. This causes what many like to call “DLL hell”. RegCure solves this by fixing and restoring your registry automatically.

Application Paths
Directories on your hard disk that are incorrectly referenced can cause your programs to fail. With RegCure, you can scan and automatically correct any Application paths that are causing problems within your system.

Help Files Information
It’s frustrating when you’re looking for information within an applications help file and it causes the application to crash. Make this a thing of the past by using RegCure to find and fix these invalid references within the help files of your applications and never worry again about the registry having help information that is incorrect.

Windows Startup Items
Install programs that create invalid entries or missing entries in your startup items areas can cause headaches and frustration. RegCure can easily scan and find missing program entries and delete them from the startup items area.

File/Path References
Sometimes items within the registry can be linked with files and folders that no longer exist. This is especially true when temporary files are created for storage purposes. Using RegCure to find and remove these entries will help optimise performance and eliminate system crashes.

Program Shortcuts
Program shortcuts that are flawed can lengthen the startup time of some applications or cause them to hang when you try to start them up. RegCure finds and corrects these issues automatically whenever you run it.

Empty Registry Keys
Registry keys that are empty can clog your system. RegCure registry cleaner will remove these keys and help increase performance in your PC.

Shell Extensions
Shell extensions can create enhancements in your PC’s work environment that are very useful. However, shell extensions that are invalid can cause problems that will not only frustrate you, but also slow your system down. Using RegCure to search out and destroy these irregularities will help your PC function better.

Custom Scans
If you like to have more control over how your system is scanned, look no further. RegCure will scan your registry based on your selections.

Using the Scheduling tool to Automatically Scan your Registry
RegCure allows you to create schedules for automatic scanning at times you choose. The scheduling feature can be used to set multiple schedules at a daily, weekly and monthly or even during start up.

Selection and Removal
With RegCure you are in complete control over those items that get detected and scanned.

Ignore List
After your registry has been scanned, you can set up an ignore list that will allow you to ignore items that have already been detected. Items that are on this list will be ignored by future scans. However, if you choose to have these items scanned and removed in the future, RegCure allows you to manage and edit this list.

Automatic Repair
After an item has been detected, RegCure allows you to perform an automatic repair. Using RegCure’s user-friendly settings, you can configure the program so that after each scan detected items will automatically be repaired.

Backup and Restore
Each time you use RegCure a backup system is created automatically. This enables you have peace of mind and the ability to restore any items at any time.

Startup Management
Every program that is in your startup area can be accessed and managed easily with RegCure. This allows you to disable or enable programs that you place on this list with the simple click of your mouse button.

Free Registry Cleaner Scan from
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